Since its launch in 2015, Apple Music has established itself as a serious competitor against other streaming services, such as Spotify or Deezer. Here you can listen to all the tracks you once saved to your iTunes library on demand. You can even listen to recent singles from top artists on your commute.

Why choose Apple Music? The platform has tons of exclusive features. Watching Apple DJ sets live is pretty cool, right? And if you like chatting with Siri or Alexa, you can integrate it too. To take full advantage of what your Apple Music account can offer you, read on.

First, how much does it cost?

On Apple Music, the first three months of listening are free. For the rest, you choose between three subscriptions, each of which has their own price and advantages:

  • Student: students benefit from the individual service for 4.99 dollars per month, on presentation of proof of course.
  • Family: up to six people can benefit from the same subscription. With the family plan, which costs 14.99 dollars, each person has their own account and listens to their own music. This is the only formula that allows listening on several devices at the same time.

Is it really necessary to pay? No, you can still listen to the tracks that make up your music library for free. But you’ll miss out on everything that makes Apple Music Apple Music. Curious to know more? Here is everything the platform allows you:

  1. Disable automatic artist trackingThe first time you connect, Apple Music tracks by default the artists who are already in your iTunes library. If you have – um… how to put it! – guilty pleasure, you might want to deactivate this option! For example, did you download some fun songs for your best friend’s bachelor party? Apple Music doesn’t judge you, but remembers it.
  2. How to deactivate this automatic function? Go to the list of your favorite artists. Next to the names, uncheck “Automatically follow this artist”. That’s done. You are now sure to hear only what you really want to hear.
  3. Unlock all functions by signing in to iCloudOfflinelistening, for example, is only available if you sign in to iCloud. What are you waiting for ? Go to your iPhone or iPad settings and activate the iCloud Music library. You are now taking full advantage of the features of your account!
  4. If you already had a super-rich library or you’re the type of person who scrupulously creates playlists with your own track numbers, iCloud won’t be that interesting. In fact, Apple associates your music with the tracks integrated in its database. They will not necessarily offer you the version you prefer! A thing ? Turn on iCloud on your phone, but not on your computer. Your iTunes lists will be quiet.

The Best Features Of Your Apple Music Account