Smart Film Application- The Multi-Touch Solution In Office

The environment is the ultimate medium for tapping resources. Due to the environment’s adverse changes, the resources are fast depleting, and life quality deteriorates. Every business realizes the need to move from reckless development to sustainable green touch products development. It is commendable how every big and small enterprise is aiming towards energy-efficient things. Getting the smart film application in the building is one of the wisest steps in this direction.

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What is a Smart Film Application?

It is one of the breakthrough creations, also called LCG® or Light Control Glass, privacy glass, or switchable glass. Infused with smart technology, these smart glasses can regulate the amount of light entering through transparent surfaces. They can change the transparency level to a translucent or opaque appearance,

Reasons to get Smart Film Application in office

To protect and exploit the available resources, firms, nowadays, encourage and adopt energy-saving ways wherever possible. The most innovative thought was to modify the architect and design of the buildings as well. Smart glass is the best option for a complete multi touch solution in office. The tremendous benefits and compelling reasons to get LCG are as follows:-

  • Conserves energy
  • Balances natural light
  • Adjusts amount of light
  • Shields against UV radiations
  • Architectural purpose like the appealing design of the office building
  • Promotional purpose like a digital or enhanced display board for advertising
  • Protects privacy by giving the transparent windows an opaque appearance

Users of Smart Glass Application

The energy-saving mode of these glasses has made them popular at every place. They fulfill the demands of varied places providing multi-functions like retail store marketing, hospital health-enhancing, and other hospitality improving places. Some popular and common uses can be seen around as:-

  • Art galleries
  • Office cubicles
  • Garden shields
  • Vehicle glasses
  • Dining dividers
  • Room partitions
  • Residential décor
  • Marketing boards
  • Hotel beautifications
  • And at any other place as the window or wall substitutes

Types and functions of different Smart Films

Broadly, there are two types- active and passive smart glass. The basis of the difference between them is the need for the electrical charge to change their functioning. Both of them have further classifications having their own set of functions and unique technology.

Active Smart Glass

When some electrical charge is required, they are termed as active smart glasses. The type and corresponding functions are:-

  • Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) is the best for private partition without blocking light. They keep the transparent appearance intact.
  • Suspended Particle Device (SPD) is suitable for dark tints like in vehicles and buildings. They may block up to 99% lighting.
  • Electrochromic (EC) is used for coating windows lightly where instant lights are not required.

Passive Smart Glass

The absence of the need for an electrical charge is termed as passive smart glass. The type and corresponding functions are:-

  • Photochromic glasses respond to the change in the amount of light entered. 
  • Thermochromic glasses are adaptable to temperature changes.

It is suggested to chalk out your purpose to decide the kind of smart glass you wish to have. They are the best energy-saving glasses that provide multi touch solutions in office and any other place.


Smart Film Application- The Multi-Touch Solution In Office