How To Make A Good Radio Show?

This is one of the most important questions: who is my radio show for? To be more specific, it may be a good idea to consider whether you want to address a certain niche or a very specific audience in the radio world. Perhaps you would like to share your passion for effect pedals by discussing the possibilities available and why you like them so much? Perhaps you prefer to promote events taking place in your city? Or maybe you just want to improve your DJ skills by mixing live for hours? Anyway, if you decide the content of your show and the audience to which it is addressed (for the previous examples: guitarists who love effects pedals,common thread in your programs.

What music will you be playing on the air?

This question coincides very closely with the one asked previously. (You could even reverse the reasoning: depending on your choice of music, you decide who listens to it / wants to listen to it or how you fill the rest of your show). If you have chosen the above-mentioned effect pedals as your theme, you can play songs that illustrate this type of effects that you complete by playing audio clips in which you show the other possibilities. If you choose to promote a local event, you can play music that is typical of that place or that is made by artists who come from that place or the surrounding area, possibly interspersed with more famous music to reach a wider audience. . If you choose to show off your DJ skills and mix your own deephouse tracks, it may be worth mixing them up with tracks from more well-known artists. One thing is for sure, the more you specialize in a niche, the harder it can be to find the right music. The point is that music, in whatever form, keeps the listenerfresh and ready .

What about my voice?

Even if you hate the exaggerated voices taken by many radio hosts and are not convinced by your own voice, you have to say something at some point, if only to start your show, quote a song title, introduce your guest, or wrap up your show.


Suppose you want to do an hour-long podcast. In this case, it’s handy to have some sort of script that takes into account the topics you want to cover, the music you want to stream, and other important things you want to talk about. In the jargon, this is called the script of the show . It can simply be a list of the songs you want to air and a detailed plan showing all your interventions with the exact times when you want to put on music or do an interview. You will notice that as you write and direct your show, you will find the type of script you prefer and are most comfortable with.

Tips & Tricks

A very practical first tip is to watch your last headline, your intervention or your next commercial. If you know how long it lasts or when it starts, you can write down in your script when you should start it. Suppose you have a two minute commercial break and you have a record that is 3:57 (3 minutes and 57 seconds) in a one hour show, then you need to stream that last track no later than 54:03 . Another detail, don’t forget that you will have to pay royalties for the music played on the air. More information is available on the Sacem website. Also, make sure you always have an idea for new topics or themes to cover in case you have a gap to fill.

Smart Film Application- The Multi-Touch Solution In Office

Smart Film Application- The Multi-Touch Solution In Office

The environment is the ultimate medium for tapping resources. Due to the environment’s adverse changes, the resources are fast depleting, and life quality deteriorates. Every business realizes the need to move from reckless development to sustainable green touch products development. It is commendable how every big and small enterprise is aiming towards energy-efficient things. Getting the smart film application in the building is one of the wisest steps in this direction.

A Better Understanding of Touch Screen Technology | Ultim Blog

What is a Smart Film Application?

It is one of the breakthrough creations, also called LCG® or Light Control Glass, privacy glass, or switchable glass. Infused with smart technology, these smart glasses can regulate the amount of light entering through transparent surfaces. They can change the transparency level to a translucent or opaque appearance,

Reasons to get Smart Film Application in office

To protect and exploit the available resources, firms, nowadays, encourage and adopt energy-saving ways wherever possible. The most innovative thought was to modify the architect and design of the buildings as well. Smart glass is the best option for a complete multi touch solution in office. The tremendous benefits and compelling reasons to get LCG are as follows:-

  • Conserves energy
  • Balances natural light
  • Adjusts amount of light
  • Shields against UV radiations
  • Architectural purpose like the appealing design of the office building
  • Promotional purpose like a digital or enhanced display board for advertising
  • Protects privacy by giving the transparent windows an opaque appearance

Users of Smart Glass Application

The energy-saving mode of these glasses has made them popular at every place. They fulfill the demands of varied places providing multi-functions like retail store marketing, hospital health-enhancing, and other hospitality improving places. Some popular and common uses can be seen around as:-

  • Art galleries
  • Office cubicles
  • Garden shields
  • Vehicle glasses
  • Dining dividers
  • Room partitions
  • Residential décor
  • Marketing boards
  • Hotel beautifications
  • And at any other place as the window or wall substitutes

Types and functions of different Smart Films

Broadly, there are two types- active and passive smart glass. The basis of the difference between them is the need for the electrical charge to change their functioning. Both of them have further classifications having their own set of functions and unique technology.

Active Smart Glass

When some electrical charge is required, they are termed as active smart glasses. The type and corresponding functions are:-

  • Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) is the best for private partition without blocking light. They keep the transparent appearance intact.
  • Suspended Particle Device (SPD) is suitable for dark tints like in vehicles and buildings. They may block up to 99% lighting.
  • Electrochromic (EC) is used for coating windows lightly where instant lights are not required.

Passive Smart Glass

The absence of the need for an electrical charge is termed as passive smart glass. The type and corresponding functions are:-

  • Photochromic glasses respond to the change in the amount of light entered. 
  • Thermochromic glasses are adaptable to temperature changes.

It is suggested to chalk out your purpose to decide the kind of smart glass you wish to have. They are the best energy-saving glasses that provide multi touch solutions in office and any other place.


How about shaping the online casino revenue strategy?

How about shaping the online casino revenue strategy?

The expansion of casinos across the state has an impact on the gaming landscape and marketing for casinos is even more important than before. Younger mmc996 malaysia casino-goers are ditching traditional games and looking for new entertainment. Under this, it can be primarily explored how the expansion of regional gaming has shaped the future of the industry. In order to increase the reach of your casinos and to increase the revenue, a number of top marketing trends have been given in this industry which is very successful. 

  • Social media

Especially do not underestimate the power of social media to increase the reach of your marketing. It is necessary to ensure that your online casino is at least on Twitter and face-book. Your posts and content need to be interesting and unique to make them more memorable. Also if your posts are not always promoting gaming and decent the being memorable, unique content will earn new and permanent followers which will translate to subscribe which will translate to brand new customers.

  • New player incentives

These incentives should be tempting enough to get a potential customer in your casino. Free playing money is also a good start but it is also necessary to think of ways to offer extraordinary and unique offers to new players. There are many types of information about this on the bonus of video online slots.

  • Rewards that matter

For your consistent player, you mainly make sure that you are showing them your appreciation and giving them the prize they want to receive. If a hotel or nice restaurants is part of your online casino, give your loyal customers some free offers associated with that. Do not be afraid to survey your frequent fliers and ask him what kind of award he would appreciate the most.

  • Focused spending

Keep in mind that who is spending the most and the most money on your facilities. This is a 10 percent for your probability and 80 percent or more of your revenue. Treat those guests like royalty but it is also mandatory to exercise their ability to spend money on the most high-end experiences. Whether this means expanding or high-end restaurant options and building more hotel suits and it adds high roller tables and prioritizes the marketing segments.

  • Mobiles apps

Casinos can expand their rich by taking the benefit of mobile technology. Creating an app that primarily allows the member to place bets on particular sporting events is becoming extremely popular. At least casinos when in-person on their phones and you are much more likely to be able to take advantage of those last minutes.

You can use an app to enhance the tour reward system specifically for your customers and provide customers with information about new promotions and new events which is very beneficial. This strategy utilizes airport, hotel lobbies, and other frequently visited retail locations. All play one or two online slot machines or video poker games to create additional revenue and use it exclusively in marketing.


The Best Features Of Your Apple Music Account

Since its launch in 2015, Apple Music has established itself as a serious competitor against other streaming services, such as Spotify or Deezer. Here you can listen to all the tracks you once saved to your iTunes library on demand. You can even listen to recent singles from top artists on your commute.

Why choose Apple Music? The platform has tons of exclusive features. Watching Apple DJ sets live is pretty cool, right? And if you like chatting with Siri or Alexa, you can integrate it too. To take full advantage of what your Apple Music account can offer you, read on.

First, how much does it cost?

On Apple Music, the first three months of listening are free. For the rest, you choose between three subscriptions, each of which has their own price and advantages:

  • Student: students benefit from the individual service for 4.99 dollars per month, on presentation of proof of course.
  • Family: up to six people can benefit from the same subscription. With the family plan, which costs 14.99 dollars, each person has their own account and listens to their own music. This is the only formula that allows listening on several devices at the same time.

Is it really necessary to pay? No, you can still listen to the tracks that make up your music library for free. But you’ll miss out on everything that makes Apple Music Apple Music. Curious to know more? Here is everything the platform allows you:

  1. Disable automatic artist trackingThe first time you connect, Apple Music tracks by default the artists who are already in your iTunes library. If you have – um… how to put it! – guilty pleasure, you might want to deactivate this option! For example, did you download some fun songs for your best friend’s bachelor party? Apple Music doesn’t judge you, but remembers it.
  2. How to deactivate this automatic function? Go to the list of your favorite artists. Next to the names, uncheck “Automatically follow this artist”. That’s done. You are now sure to hear only what you really want to hear.
  3. Unlock all functions by signing in to iCloudOfflinelistening, for example, is only available if you sign in to iCloud. What are you waiting for ? Go to your iPhone or iPad settings and activate the iCloud Music library. You are now taking full advantage of the features of your account!
  4. If you already had a super-rich library or you’re the type of person who scrupulously creates playlists with your own track numbers, iCloud won’t be that interesting. In fact, Apple associates your music with the tracks integrated in its database. They will not necessarily offer you the version you prefer! A thing ? Turn on iCloud on your phone, but not on your computer. Your iTunes lists will be quiet.